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Betting Herald is the product of extensive research and experience in the field of online betting. The Betting Herald team of journalists, web developers, and project managers decided to embark on an adventure in order to test their skills and experiences in the field of online gaming. Online sports news sources and betting sites provide identical hollow information in order to attract visitors to their sites. It is true that you are exposed to subjective news which is not necessarily hazardous. However, if you are an online betting enthusiasts, objective news and reviews can be vital for you to boost your online betting earnings.

At Betting Herald, we aim to create an amalgam of the stories you actually receive from the major news sources and our objective reviews based on analytical criteria. In other words, we do not flatter online sportsbooks if they do not to be praised.

Our main mission is serving all the necessary information that you need in order to wager bets on your favorite sports online. As a matter of fact, you don’t have to be a betting enthusiast to be a part of the Betting Herald community. You can simply join our latest sports news and featured articles in order to keep your sports knowledge up-to-date. You can also follow the live matches if you wonder about the score of a particular match merely checking our online live scores page.

Our primary vision at Betting Herald is providing cutting-the-edge stories which can benefit every sports fan in order to be able to most reliable online news source. Moreover, we aim to be the number one news source for online betting fans who wish to get daily updates regarding the latest sportsbook promotions and the most lucrative sportsbook bonuses.

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If you are willing to know more about us, you can contact the Betting Herald team using our contact form. Once you submit your message, we’ll reply as soon as we can. Don’t forget that we are a community. This is what makes us more special. We’ll be happy if you decide to share your ideas, opinions, and valuable knowledge about the world of sports and online sports betting.

Betting Herald is always open to new ideas. For instance, our online betting magazine is constantly being monitored by the professional content team of MangoDew  Marketing Consultancy to develop our website on a continuously evolving basis.

As we always say, we are here build a bridge between the old and new of the betting world.