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Ethics Statement provides betting-related informational material, reports the latest updates about the betting industry and sports world, and markets online betting-related services. The main source of revenue for is advertising and revenue share of the income gained through the players of the online betting sites which are referred by the tracking links exhibited clearly on is a privately owned website which neither operates an online sportsbook nor being operated by an online betting operator. The online gambling sites mentioned on have no influence over the content we cover. Online sportsbook reviews published by are objective and not influenced by the representatives of the online sportsbooks mentioned on the website; does not accept incentives to create positive reviews.

The promotional offers announced by are the offers announced by the online sportsbooks themselves unless they are exclusive offers for readers. In this case, the promotions are labeled as exclusive in the title and also in the review table. guidelines oppose to any kind of bias and unethical behavior such as accepting incentives to publish positive reviews about online betting sites. The editorial staff is not involved in any business relationship with online betting sites. The business relationship between and the online casinos mentioned on the website is limited to sending potential customers to the online gambling destinations through affiliate links. The promotional offers and bonuses mentioned on reflect the official offers announced by the online sportsbooks.

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The information in any of our articles is for general information purposes only and does not replace the text of original statutes, or legal advice from your attorney, lawyer or other professional legal services provider. We highly recommend you to check out current laws in your country or jurisdiction, as well as an online casino's relevant rules and restrictions before playing or funding your account.

Players must accept full responsibility for knowing and following laws regarding online casino gambling. will not be held responsible for any actions which may occur on a gambling website.

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