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If Leicester Win the Premier League, Bookies Will Pay Out Millions

At the beginning of the season if you’d have told people that Leicester would be competing for the title at this stage, they’d probably laugh in your face. But now it seems like a real possibility. Should Leicester win the Premier League in May, online sportsbooks stand to pay out a fortune to bettors who believed that this was actually a realistic wager. Many online bookies offered odds that ran in the thousands before the current campaign started, as no one could have predicted how the season would unfold.

Leigh Herbert, a loyal Leicester fan, placed a £5 on his side clinching the title with William Hill at odds of 5,000-1, according to the Mirror. If Leicester win the Premier League, the online sportsbook will have to pay him out a massive £25,000! William Hill already offered him an early cash-out valued at £3,200, but Leigh is adamant the Foxes can pull it off and achieve unprecedented success in modern day Premier League, where only the biggest sides normally challenge for the crown.

The spokesperson for William Hill, Rupert Adams, indicated that bookies in the UK stand to pay out a massive £10 million if Leicester win the Premier League title. “For commercial reasons we are not Leicester fans. Should they win, we (William Hill) will be paying out £2m-plus. As an industry, we’re looking at losses in the region of £10 million,” said Adams before adding, “It might be good for football, but not for bookies. It will be a nightmare.”

Since Leicester have progressed up the table and managed to hold on to the top spots, the odds have significantly decreased, with them now standing at 3.25 (9/4). William Hill. But in terms of bets placed on that particular market, they have increased. Adams stressed, “While we didn’t have a lot of people backing Leicester at 5,000-1, the bets have been increasing as the season has progressed.”

If you also believe that Leicester will clinch the title at the end of the season, you still have time to bet with William Hill. If you place a mere £10 today, you’ll get back £32.50!

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