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Daily Fantasy Sports in Illinois on Agenda

Daily fantasy sports in Illinois can be legal sooner than it was expected, according to online gambling news. The deadline lawmakers set to decide this question is Friday, along with many other issues to be completed. Despite the clarification of daily fantasy sports betting in Illinois was delayed, now the bill proposal is opened for discussions.

Daily fantasy sports in Illinois was labelled illegal earlier by the attorney general, however the state is just one of the several other states with pending legislation regarding this issue. As a report said on Daily Herald, there are some states could influence the forthcoming DFS regulations of Illinois.

States Daily Fantasy Sports in Illinois Can be Inspired From

As Peter Schoenke, the CEO of the Fantasy Sports Trading Association established, the most important thing to the industry is to have legal contest. According to him the new rules are useful from several aspects. First of all, a minimum age was set in terms of attendance in games. The age limit would be 18 in the ‘Land of Lincoln’. Schoenke also added that the new rules are beneficial for the industry since they say, DFS is legal.

Furthermore, one other influential aspect is paying an operation fee. Companies in those states where this question has already decided, like Virginia, Massachusetts and Indiana –  should pay reasonable fees so as to operate. While Virginia and Indiana requires $50,000 to be paid, Illinois’ Attorney General says that amount can be varied.

Members of casino industry has obviously different opinion about daily fantasy sports, as they are saying the new regulations are unfair. The director of Illinois Casino Gaming Association, Tom Swoik expressed, they face stricter regulations and pay higher taxes. Therefore, casino industry shares the opinion of balancing the playing field between casinos and fantasy sports operators.

If you want to know more about the legalization process of daily fantasy sports in the states or just feel the desire to learn how to bet on fantasy sports, check our betting guide.

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