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Man United eSports Team May Come in the Form of Overwatch

Blizzard’s Overwatch is looking to become the very first Man United eSports team, if they manage to fend off other bidders in the market.

With the rapidly increasing popularity of eSports according to UK eSports news, England’s most successful football club is in discussions to acquire an Overwatch team. The 20-time English champions have a value of $3.3 billion, so it’s easy to imagine a Man United eSports team – this would help them expand their reach in the eSports arena that can essentially get them new followers in the future.

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The proposed deal to make Overwatch the first Man United eSports team may be threatened by another fantasy sports provider, who is looking to get the former for itself. Fnatic, a leading organisation in eSports, is the other interested party in acquiring an Overwatch team, according to PC Gamer. However, Tech Times reports that unlike Man United, Fnatic only boasts a market value of around $42.5 million, which instantly makes a Man United eSports team a more viable option for Overwatch.

Although the Red Devils are eyeing an expansion into eSports, they won’t be the first football side to have a fantasy sports team in Europe or England for that matter. The likes of Wolfsburg, Schalke, Besiktas and Valencia have already entered the eSports markets with their very own teams, while English side West Ham were one of the first ones on the British Isles to have an eSports team, according to Kotaku. Check out the guide on how to bet on eSports in the UK to become a top fantasy sports player.

Since Sir Alex Ferguson left the club in 2013, Manchester United have suffered a slump in fortunes, missing out on Champions League football twice, and have only managed to win the FA Cup as the sole piece of silverware since his departure. Despite the exciting prospect of getting a Man United eSports team, perhaps the club hierarchy should be focusing more on on-field aspects, rather than the virtual elements.

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