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Ibrahimovic’s Next Club in the Premier League?

After the Champions League match between PSG and Chelsea on Tuesday night, Ibrahimovic gave strong indication that he is looking to make a switch across the English Channel next season. “I have another three months here and then what will happen? Big things will happen. Let’s see what happens,” Ibrahimovic stressed to a reporter after the Champions League clash.

His potential move to Premier League will delight many fans, as they’re probably all hoping he’ll sing for their side. But what are the chances that the imposing striker actually signs for your club? There are only a few sides that can pay his wages, and, more importantly, only a few managers that can handle his character. It has also been rumoured that Ibrahimovic’s next club will be his final in Europe, before he heads off to the MLS, so keep your fingers crossed for a spectacle in the Premier League next season.


Chelsea 2.5/5

Ibrahimovic's next club 1

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It’s still not clear who will be the new Blues boss next season and there’s too much uncertainty about the club now, so it might be ideal for the Swede to join them. I would have given Chelsea top odds for snapping up Ibrahimovic is Mourinho were still there, but now it’s a different story.

Like any footballer, the prospect of living in London instead of smaller towns with less restaurants and shopping malls for the wife is there, however I just don’t see this happening in reality. Some big name couch would have join them in the summer in order for Chelsea to become Ibrahimovic’s next club.


Arsenal 2/5

Ibrahimovic's next club 2

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It’s a well-known fact by now that he turned down a trial with Arsenal back in 1998, when he was 17, with the Swede famously telling Wenger, “Zlatan doesn’t do trials!” Besides Chelsea, this is the only other London club with a big-enough stature for a player like him. But I have to think to myself whether this can actually happen? Would Wenger’s approach to the game suit Ibra’s style, and conversely, would Wenger have patience with Ibra’s strong character?

We all know he’s not afraid to speak his mind, just take a look at his incident with Guardiola at Barcelona. I can only imagine what he would say to Wenger if he pi***d him off – something like, “You old grandfather, it’s time for you to retire and let me manage the team…”


Manchester City 0/5

Ibrahimovic's next club 3

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Let’s be honest, there is really no chance of this happening, and we all know the reason. Ibrahimovic doesn’t share a good history with the incoming Man City manager Pep Guardiola, so this deal will never happen. The pair had a notorious falling out after Ibra shouted to the Catalan, “You have no balls!” after they faced Mourinho’s Inter in the semi-finals of the 2010 Champions League.

While Roberto Mancini was in charge of the club, there were talks of him potentially singing for the Citizens, but that was a while ago and many things have changed since then. The likelihood of Man City becoming Ibrahimovic’s next club is virtually zero.


Liverpool 3.5/5

Ibrahimovic's next club 4

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This might actually be a possibility, despite Champions League not being a certainty for Liverpool next season. At the 2013 Ballon d’Or gala, the Swedish striker has made it known to then Borussia Dortmund boss Jurgen Klopp that he would relish the chance of being managed by him, “When (will) you bring me to Dortmund?” The German jokingly replied, “I (would) have to sell the whole team.” But the Swedish international asserted, “I (will) come for free!”

If you have followed both Ibra’s and Klopp’s careers, then you know that these two would be a match made in football heaven. We reckon that the current Reds boss could have the same impact on Ibrahimovic just like the way Mourinho had during his time at Inter. The only reason why Liverpool can be considered as a destination for him is due to Klopp being the manager.


Manchester United 4.5/5

Ibrahimovic's next club 5

(Image credit: Reddit)

Two words – Jose Mourinho! Current Manchester United boss Louis van Gaal will likely be shown the door at the end of the season, after failing to make an impact. And “The Special One” has been heavily linked with the manager’s chair at Old Trafford, and it’s been documented that Mourinho is a romantic at times – he’s a great admirer of older players that can still have an impact in games (Materazzi, Zanetti, Carvalho, Drogba…)

The potential move could see Ibra reunited with Mourinho – a partnership that would surely yield results and give the fans a great entertainment show that has been lacking since Ferguson retired. That’s why Ibrahimovic’s next club will most likely be Man United. The only stumbling block would be how to integrate him into a squad that already boasts several strikers up front – somebody would have to go…


Champions League ties

Ibrahimovic's next club 6

But before Ibra’s potential move to the Premier League happens, he may still lift the Champions League with the French side this season. PSG will face Chelsea away in the return leg after clinching a 2-1 home win on Tuesday evening.

Bet365 Sport gives almost equal chances to both sides for the return leg in three weeks-time. Chelsea are favorites 2.50 (3/2) to win, but only just as the Parisiens are right behind them with the odds 2.70 (17/10) but before that game takes place on March 9th, make sure to check out next week’s Champions League encounters. (Read the Bet365 Sports Review for more info on all the bonus deals and features the sportsbook offers.)

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