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Kobe Bryant’s Last Game Witnesses an Incredible Record as He Scores 60 Points

Kobe Bryant’s last game turned into an incredible show of the veteran player as he sent 60 points to the Jazz’s basket. He scored the season-high and broke the last game score record of NBA players. Nobody ever scored more than 29 points in their last games in NBA before Kobe.

NBA’s living legend Kobe Bryant bade farewell to NBA in the game against Utah Jazz. It was a special game in Staples Center as he was in front of his own fans for the last time. Can you image? After 20 years, he had to say goodbye to his fans and of course he had to do it in a majestic way.

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37-year-old Lakers legend had been through some serious injuries which kept him away from the game for a long time. He turned back; however he couldn’t perform as he used to do. Without Kobe, the Lakers couldn’t even reach the half of their usual performance. The franchise has been through the worst season in their history this year as they could win only 17 games while losing 65.

Things had not been going well for Kobe, fans and the team. The Lakers finished the normal season far away from the Playoff basket. Despite the poor performance of the team and all the disappointment that the fans felt, they were shouting “Kobe Kobe Kobe” as loud as they could.

Kobe Bryant’s Last Game is a Gift from the Legend to the Fans  

Mamba knew that he couldn’t help the team to shake off the bad luck and poor performance and start fighting again. They could never go back on the track throughout the season. However, nobody could ignore the glamorous past of the franchise and Kobe’s unprecedented contribution to five championships that they had in 20 years. This is an incredible number in NBA. For a long time, the Lakers were known as the invincible armada.

The fans never forgot Kobe’s fidelity and bravery. They cheered for him all night long and the legend scored 60 points in his last game as the Lakers beat the Jazz. This was his gift to all Lakers fans.

Many basketball lovers felt that it was a timeless goodbye from Kobe Bryant as he could still reach the top of his performance.

Of course he was at the center of attention and he was treated a little bit more specially this time. After the game Kobe said that “What’s funny – the thing that had me cracking up all night long – the fact that I go through 20 years of everybody screaming to pass the ball, and then the last night they’re like, ‘Don’t pass it!’”

In Kobe Bryant’s last game, they also showed a video which consisted of messages from Shaquille O’Neal, Kevin Durant, Derek Fisher, Carmelo Anthony, Dwayne Wade, Gregg Popovich, Stephen Curry, LeBron James, Pau Gasol, Phil Jackson and Jack Nicholson.

Kobe Bryant’s Last Game Resulted in the Lakers’ Win against the Jazz

NBA’s No.3 all-time scorer’s last game resulted in the Lakers’ win against Utah Jazz 101-96. After a season like nightmare in which the Lakers anchored their ship at the bottom of the Western Conference, this game was not more than a farewell tribute to Kobe.

In the game at the Staples Center, Los Angeles Lakers players played through Kobe throughout the game. The closest high scorer to him was Jordan Clarkson who scored 12 points. In the fourth quarter, Kobe scored 23 points which showed that he still has endless energy.

Utah Jazz stayed in the game with Hayward and Lyles who scored 17 and 18 points respectively. As the Lakers, the Jazz couldn’t qualify for the playoffs.

2016 NBA Playoffs Betting Odds: Western Conference

According to Betway, Golden State Warriors will have the power to lead the western conference playoff series as they have the odds 1.5. San Antonio Spurs will constitute a strong opposition for the Warriors as they have odds 3.3. Oklahoma City Thunder and Los Angeles Clippers should not be underestimated as they have outstanding players as well. Their odds are 9 and 17 respectively.  Bet on NBA playoffs Western Conference at Betway!

Popular sportsbook bet365 favors the Warriors as well. 1.47 seems like fair in you consider their outstanding performance this season. If you want to take a little bit more risk, you can bet on San Antonio Spurs since their triumph wouldn’t be a surprise for many NBA fans. Their odds are scaled at 3.5. The other strong sides are the Thunder (10) and the Clippers (18).   Bet on NBA playoffs Western Conference at bet365!

2016 NBA Playoffs Betting Odds: Eastern Conference

Cleveland Cavaliers became the favorite of the Eastern Conference with the arrival of LeBron James. Betway favors the Cavs with the odds 1.35, while Toronto Raptors were regarded as a strong opposition for the Cavs with the odds 6.5. The other possible candidates for the Eastern Conference title are Atlanta Hawks (15), Miami Heat (15), and Boston Celtics (17). Bet On NBA playoffs Eastern Conference at Betway!

Bet365 favors the same teams as Betway.  If you’d like to bet on LeBron’s Cavs, you will get the odds 1.36. The Raptors have the potential to mix up the conference. Their odds are scaled at 7. The other strong teams Atlanta Hawks, Miami Heat and Boston Celtics are regarded as potential threats to the reign of the Cavs as their odds are given as 15, 13, and 17 respectively. Bet on NBA playoffs Eastern Conference at bet365!

Kobe Bryant won’t be in the playoffs this year; however we will enjoy watching such exceptional players as LeBron James, Step Curry, Dwayne Wade and Blake Griffin. You can always bet on NBA playoffs online to render the playoffs more interesting. If you wonder how to bet on NBA online, you can read our Online Basketball Betting Guide.

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