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Las Vegas Sands Wants a Stadium for NFL

The next stadium for NFL could be in Nevada, since Las Vegas casino is determined to build it. Las Vegas Sands Casino is currently working on a plan which would cost millions but gave an NFL-franchise to Nevada state.

The casino executives explained the plan to the Tourism Infrastructure committee in a meeting held on Thursday. As they said, the NFL stadium at University of Nevada could significantly boost the tourism sector.

Only the major details of the construction were mentioned in the proposal. The aim is to build an enclosed venue on the campus with 65.000 seats. The new stadium would be used not only by the Oakland Raiders but also by the UNLV’s football team. The estimated cost of the project is about $1.3 billion.

The only problem is that they should negotiate with the billionaire Sheldon Adelson. The president of the Sands, Robert Goldstein is aware of the possibility of the project can be failed. As he said in a report published on SunHerald, it’s going to be complicated, but ‘it’s damn worth the effort’.

As it was laid in the proposal, the whole deal would increase the state’s annual tax revenue by $46 million. The increase of tax revenue would not be influenced by the presence of NFL. Stadium consultant Mark Rosentraub stated that even if NFL says no to the offer, the revenue is still rising by $46 million per year.

Obviously the company is in need of significant amount of money to fund to this business. The company officials have not revealed the amount they need. According to relevant sources, they would like to use hotel taxes among others as a financial base.

Opinions about stadium for NFL and for UNLV

As Len Jessup, the UNLV president expressed, this is a huge opportunity even for the school. However, the plan of building a stadium for the university is not a fresh concept. Jessup argued, the timing was not appropriate before, since they had another priority to focus on. They were building a medical school for the UNLV and the recovery from the recession made their work harder.

The final outcome of the deal is uncertain yet. However, the committee members are determined to hear more about the financial aspects of the plan. The next meeting is due on the next month which could be one further step in building a stadium for NFL.

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