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Manchester United’s Value Rises £170M After Jose Mourinho Sack

Sacking Jose Mourinho has proved to be good business for Manchester United, as their stock market value has immediately experienced a nine-figure growth.

Will the financial performance be followed by positive changes on the pitch?

Following a string of poor performances that culminated with a humiliating 3-1 defeat against their fierce rivals Liverpool last weekend, Manchester United have decided show Jose Mourinho the exit door. Despite paying him a ‘modest’ fortune of £18m as part of his severance package, the club have reported that their stock value has responded well by the news as it rose a jaw-dropping £170m.

Kieran Maguire, a finance lecturer at the University of Liverpool, highlighted how the market reacted to Mourinho’s dismissal which brought about a feeling that they could be heading towards the right path in being successful on the pitch, per football betting sites in UK.

 “He (Mourinho) was turning into a toxic brand for the club,” commentedMaguire. “The opportunity to have someone in who could be a bit more media friendly, have a positive impact on commercial sponsors and advertisers – the stock market likes the idea of that.”

“Manchester United, their success in the stock market and as a commercial entity, is very much based on delivering trophies on the pitch. They can’t go for a sustained time without that.”

“Manchester United is the world’s biggest sports brand and everyone wants to be associated with that because the club is associated with success. The gloss of the moderate success Jose Mourinho achieved was beginning to dust slightly.”

Will be Man United appoint as the next full-time manager?

After 17 rounds in the English top flight, Man United sit in 6th position with only 26 points to their name. It’s questionable how far they can reach this season, with the top five clubs performing quite well, especially the top three (Liverpool, Man City and Tottenham). This leaves only the fourth spot as a goal by the end of the campaign, but many football expert shave voiced their doubts about that actually happening.

Chelsea occupy fourth position on the table, while Arsenal are in fifth, and the difference between the Emirates and the Old Trafford side is a pretty significant 8 points. That’s why aiming for a fifth place finish at the end of the season seems like a more realistic objective. It would essentially see them miss out on Champions League football, but they would atleast salvage a place in the Europa League, which they have actually won under Mourinho in his first season while he was at the club.

Man United’s newly appointed caretaker manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer will now lead the Red Devils until the end of the season, after which the boardroom will decide whether to give him the post on a full time basis or search for a more experienced man.

Several big names have been linked to the club, including the likes of Zinediane Zidane, Laurent Blanc and Mauricio Pochettino. Both of the aforementioned Frenchmen are available, but many football bettingsites in UK are giving the Argentine man the biggest chances of prizing him away from Tottenham, although that would be a challenge in itself as Spurs chairman Daniel Levy has a long track record of being a touch negotiator.

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