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Euro 2016 Betting Preview and Odds

The 2016 UEFA European Championship is around the corner and the need to go through a detailed Euro 2016 betting preview arouse. Today we’ll give you the best Euro 2016 betting tips based on the latest performances and announced squads of the participant teams.

Euro 2016 betting preview will give you in depth analysis of the most exciting international tournament of European football. Don’t forget that betting is what makes football more exciting since you can be a part of this remarkable football festival.

Euro 2016 will take place in France in 10 host cities. One of the most significant features of this festival is the number of teams. There had been 16 teams in the previous tournaments while we’ll have the chance to watch 24 teams this year. There will be six groups, each contains four teams. The best two teams will qualify for the knockout stage.

Football fans will see new faces in the tournament. Albania, Slovakia, Iceland, Northern Ireland and Wales participate in European Championship for the first time. Hungary will be in the finals after 44 years. There will be more color and excitement in the Euro 2016, no doubt.

Here are Euro 2016 betting odds, and online sporsbooks’ betting offers for the tournament from the best online betting sites to bet on Euro 2016. The Euro 2016 betting odds comparison table contains betting odds for matches. You should scroll down to check the Euro 2016 betting preview section to learn about the Euro 2016 outright winner betting odds. Scroll down to know learn about the Euro 2016 betting tips and winner predictions. (Please pause your Adblock to see the Euro 2016 betting odds and online betting offers).

Euro 2016 Betting Preview – Euro 2016 Fun Facts

As we already mentioned that there will be 24 teams instead of 16 teams this year. This is the main reason why we have more teams which couldn’t qualify before. However, it would be unfair to say that debutant teams are here solely because of this new rule. Some underdogs played amazing football and managed to qualify instead of such strong sides as Netherlands, Greece, Finland, Norway and Denmark.

Gibraltar entered the European Qualifiers for the first time. It is the smallest UEFA member with the population of 30,000 people. They couldn’t qualify for the tournament; however, it is a fact that they brought color to European football.

France will host the tournament for the third time after 1960 and 1984. This is a record. France beat Turkey and Italy to be able to host the tournament.

There will be ten host cities including Saint-Denis, Marseille, Lyon, Lille, Paris, Bordeaux, Saint Etienne, Nice, Lens and Toulouse.

If Germany or Spain wins the tournament, we will have the most successful European Championship team ever as both teams won the tournament three times previously. This year might be the year of records.

The official Euro 2016 song is made by David Guetta. Swedish singer Zara Larsson is the voice of the song called This One’s For You.

Another important Euro 2016 fun fact is that the winner of the tournament will automatically qualify for the Confederations Cup 2017 to face the champions of the other five FIFA confederation championships.

Euro 2016 Betting Preview – Betting Odds and Predictions

Betting odds and predictions usually go hand in hand. Nevertheless, the essential point is indicating the most useful Euro 2016 betting tips which require digging out the secret favorites of the tournament. But first of all, let’s start with the strong favorites of Euro 2016.

France is not a hidden favorite with their outstanding squad and the home team advantage. Despite the fact that Karim Benzema is going to miss the tournament due to his ban resulted from sex tape allegations, there will be enough stars to carry France ahead this year. Didier Deschamps’s lads seem to be one step ahead of their strong rivals Germany and Spain with the odds 4.00.

Germany are definitely among the contenders of the tournament as the winners of the last world cup. Despite the fact that they seem to lose their super power, it wouldn’t be a surprise if they win the tournament. Germany’s odds to win Euro 2016 are 5.00.

The winner of the last two European Championships, Spain must be among the favorites. The European Qualifiers show that they are not as strong as they used to be. However, it doesn’t change the fact that they have quite a strong squad. Spain’s odds to win Euro 2016 are 6.00.

England is back on track finally as they proved their strength in the qualifiers. They won such amazing strikers as Jamie Vardy and Harry Kane. They will threaten the opposition defense line immensely no doubt. England’s odds to win Euro 2016 are 9.50.

Euro 2016 Betting Preview – Don’t Underestimate These Teams

Here we have a surprise favorite: Belgium. 3 years ago we wouldn’t point them among the strong favorites. Nonetheless, this year we wouldn’t be paralyzed out of surprise if they win the tournament as they have managed to form an outstanding squad. The team’s brain Vincent Kompany will be missing due to his injury; however Belgium has got what it takes to win this tournament. Such world stars as Kevin De Bruyne, Marouane Fellaini, Eden Hazard, Romelu Lukaku, Axel Witsel and Thibaut Courtois can lead Belgium to glory. Their advantage is that their star players are quite young and athletic. That is what puts Belgium one step ahead of such teams as Italy. Belgium’s odds to win Euro 2016 are 12.00.       Click here to bet on Belgium to win Euro 2016 at Bet365!

Euro 2016 betting odds show that Italy is not among the favorites anymore. They lost power lately and their squad is rather old than such technically good and fast teams as Belgium and France. Italy’s odds to win the tournament are 17.00. The best Euro 2016 betting tip about Italy would be staying away from betting on them as they don’t seem to have enough breath to go up to the final.

Portugal has Cristiano Ronaldo. But, does he have enough strength to win the cup on his own? He is not character from the Avengers indeed. Portugal has the strength to upset some of the favorites. But can they win the tournament? That is a huge question mark. Portugal’s odds to win Euro 2016 are 19.00.

Another team which may cause surprise is Croatia. They have such top-class players as Ivan Rakitic (plays for Barcelona) and Luka Modric (plays for Real Madrid). They definitely have the potential to cause upset. Although they are not among the contenders of the tournament, it is wise to keep an eye on them. You will probably write Croatia among your Euro 2016 picks in time. Croatia’s odds to win Euro 2016 are 26.00.

Euro 2016 Betting Preview – Euro 2016 Top Goal Scorer Betting Odds

Euro 2016 top goal scorer prediction is quite challenging compared to selecting the favorite teams of the tournament. In the Champions League and La Liga, we could easily pick Ronaldo and Messi for the title. Nevertheless, there is no Messi and Real Madrid in Euro 2016.

If you bet on Euro 2016 top goal scorer, you have to consider the team strength as well as the players’ potential. According to bet365, Thomas Muller is the favorite of the title as he is a skillful striker and Germany is expected to reach the final game. Muller’s odds to become the top goal scorer of Euro 2016 are 8.00.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Antoine Griezmann follow Muller in the competition with the odds 9.00 each. Although betting on Ronaldo seems like a safer option, we would favor Griezmann since his latest performance shows that he is in perfect form and France may stay in the tournament longer than Portugal.

Benzema’s replacement Olivier Giroud is another srong candidate for the title with the odds 15.00. Bayer Munich’s Robert Lewandowski will also trouble the opposition goalkeepers quite often; nevertheless Poland doesn’t have the quality of Bayern Munich which will effect Lewandowski’s performance.

The most logical surprise pick of this category is Harry Kane. England will be in the tournament with a strong squad. Young talent can find the web more often than punters think. Kane’s odds to become the top goal scorer of Euro 2016 are 13.00                        Bet on the top goal scorer of Euro 2016 at bet365!

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