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Table Your Predictions and Win up to €30,000 Cash with NetBet’s Football Jackpot

usa flag restrictedFootball Jackpot - Golden Goal 
Promo TypeSpecials/Tournament Bonus
PromoWin up to €30,000

Super Grid: €22,432
Mini 2 Grid: €1,000
Premier League Grid: €8,000
Wagering RequirementsNA
Valid UntilSuper Grid: 11:00 AM CET - Dec 17, 2016
Mini 2 Grid: 2:00 PM CET - Dec 17, 2016
Premier League Grid: 11:30 AM CET - Dec 17, 2016
Restricted CountriesUSA, Bulgaria, Poland, Portugal, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Burkina Faso, Benin, Ivory Coast, Czech Republic, Georgia, Hungary, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Lithuania, Moldova, Macedonia, Nigeria, Slovakia, Uzbekistan, Zimbabwe and Ukraine

Three steps, three grids and up to €30,000 can all be yours this weekend thanks to the Football Jackpot – Golden Goal.

All you have to do is select which grid you like the best or even select all three, then make your predictions and collect a whopping €30K in Cash with the weekly Football Jackpot at NetBet Sports. There’s nothing more thrilling than watching your picks come out on top that give you a shot at the five-digit prize!

But please be aware the Football Jackpot Offer is open for a limited time only; you have until this Saturday (December 16) to analyse each team’s stats and record to come up with a winning combination that can see you scoop up to €30,000 Cash with the Football Jackpot – Golden Goal.

In case you’re having trouble deciding which side to pick for the win or whether to pick a draw for a specific match, you can also choose to select the ‘NetBet Selection’ option (it’s located at the bottom-right corner of the page once you’re on the Football Jackpot – Golden Goal page). This will automatically make a selection of the most likely outcome (win/draw/win) for each match on that specific grid, so you don’t have to bother yourself with analysing previous data to win the weekend football tournament.

(For more info about the online sportsbook, take a look at NetBet Sports Review – you can find some of the best promo offers and sportsbook bonuses in the industry.)

Super Grid is the most lucrative of the three grids; we strongly suggest you place your predictions with this one first because the potential reward goes all the way up to €22,432. It features 12 matches from the top three European leagues (Premier League, La Liga and Bundesliga) to give you diversified football action.

Mini 2 Grid offers €1,000 up for grabs on six Premier League encounters that seem to be sure bets, so it’s worth exploring this opportunity as well.

Premier League Grid gives you the chance to place your predictions on all ten games this weekend in the English top flight, and that comes with a reward of €8,000, if you back the right sides or draws.

NOTE: Each of the three grids are valid until this Saturday (December 17), however their closing times are different, so please make sure to place your predictions with the Football Jackpot on time – for more info on this please refer to the table above.

Join NetBet Sports today and take action with your predictions to collect a massive paycheck this weekend with the Football Jackpot – Golden Goal!

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Scoop up to €30K with the Football Jackpot!

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