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What to Expect from Formula 1 2017 Betting Odds as Lewis Hamilton may Get the Sack

Formula 1 2017 betting odds may take a whole new shape as the former Formula 1 World Champion Lewis Hamilton may be sacked after his rebellion against the team orders. Mercedes team leader stated that he will look for ways to discipline the British driver.

Online betting fans are curious about the Formula 1  2017 betting odds as the biggest motor sport event of the next year is expected to offer whole new challenges. The excitement has escalated quickly after the Mercedes F1 team leader Toto Wolff revealed that he is looking for ways to discipline the world famous driver.

But what made the Austrian so angry that he has come to a point to sack one of the most talented drivers in the world? Formula One 2016 season has witnessed the fierce rivalry between the Mercedes drivers Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg. The competition between the two teammates caused them to get involved in accidents during the season.

Before the season finale in Abu Dhabi Yas Marina Circuit, Rosberg was leading the drivers’ championship with 367 points while his teammate was just in his tail with 355 points. 12 points-difference didn’t mean much as the winner gets whole 25 points in Formula 1. Hamilton’s plan was winning the race while keeping Rosberg in the 4th place or lower.

Hamilton’s hopes were diminishing lap by lap as he could see Rosberg in the mirror not matter how fast he was cruising. After the second pitstops, Hamilton began to play his dirty trick slowing the pace of the race as the race leader. His aim was slowing Rosberg down to allow his opponents to close the gap. He actually managed it as Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel and Redbull’s Max Verstappen were less than 2 seconds away from the German driver.

Although Mercedes asked him to speed up Hamilton chose to defy the orders. Obviously, the team was afraid of losing the race as Vettel came as close as half a second to Rosberg. Hamilton managed to win the race and Rosberg stole his first title as the World Champion (You can check the highlights of the Formula 1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2016 here). Nico Rosberg won the championship exactly 34 years after his father former F1 driver Keke Rosberg won the title with his Williams car. They became the second father and son champions after Graham Hill and Damon Hill.

Hamilton’s behavior will be a matter of discussion for a long time, it seems. Wolff called Hamilton’s action as an “act of anarchy.” The team leader of Mercedes is clearly in a huge dilemma as he admitted that he was happy that Hamilton was trying everything to win. On the other hand, he clearly disobeyed the orders of the team. “The guy who is responsible for that company and the structure we have put in place, and the team that we have put in place and its values, it is pretty clear – it can’t make a difference whether it’s the first or the last race. I just need to form an opinion, which I haven’t yet.” said Wolff.

According to the latest online Formula 1 news, it is not likely that Mercedes will suspend the driver as he is one of the best and has a huge fan support. Moreover, it would be a significant time wasting for Mercedes to find a new driver to replace Hamilton. Therefore the options of sacking and suspending seem unlikely at this point. But, the British will probably face a huge fine.

Fate of Formula 1 2017 Betting Odds

Lewis Hamilton most probably will stay with Mercedes for the next year. However, major online Formula 1 news magazines claim that this option is not as far as it seems. Obviously, the Formula 1 2017 betting odds will be effected by the rumors. Let’s take a look at the current online Formula 1 betting odds!

FIA will bring new regulations to increase competition in Formula 1 in 2017. Mercedes is expected to be a part of a fierce rivalry with Red Bull, Ferrari, and even McLaren. Best European online betting sites have already announced the Formula 1 2017 betting odds.

According to the famous UK online sportsbook bet365, Lewis Hamilton won’t let anyone steal the title from him next year. Lewis Hamilton’s odds to win the 2017 Formula 1 World Championship are 2.87. Red Bull’s prodigy Max Verstappen has better chance to win the championship next year with the odds 4.00. His teammate Daniel Ricciardo’s odds to win the next season are 4.33. Current champion Nico Rosberg’s odds to be the triumphant at the end of the 2017 season are 4.50. The Ferrari drivers Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen are not regarded among the potential contenders with the odds 17.00 and 41.00 respectively. Click here to bet on Formula 1 2017 at bet365!

If you are looking for a sportsbook to bet on Formula 1 in the USA, you can head to Bovada (read our Bovada Sportsbook Review). The popular US online betting site favors Mercedes driver Hamilton to clinch to the title next year. His odds to lead the race are +160. Formula 1 2017 betting odds set by Bovada indicates that Verstappen will cause huge problems for the experienced drivers. He has the second best odds (+300) after Hamilton. Current champion Rosberg’s odds to repeat his success are +325. Red Bull’s Daniel Ricciardo’s odds to get his first World Championship title are +350. Ferrari driver Vettel and McLaren’s Alonso’s odds are +1600 and +2000 respectively. Ferrari driver Kimi Raikkonen isn’t regarded as a threat to the Mercedes and Red Bull drivers as his odds are same as McLaren’s test driver Stoffel Vandoorne, +4000. Click here to bet on Formula 1 2017 World Championship at Bovada Sports!

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