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Can Daily Fantasy Sports in Georgia be a Real Thing?

Can Daily Fantasy Sports in Georgia be a Real Thing? The answer for this question regarding Daily Fantasy sports in Georgia is a confident NO.  In a strong agreement with an opinion from 1934, the state of Georgia declared Daily Fantasy sports (DFS) is gambling, therefore it’s illegal.

According to online gambling news the deputy Attorney General Wright Banks Jr.  made a decision about the future of Daily Fantasy sports in Georgia. By doing this, Georgia is the 7th state where the office of Attorney General shares the same opinion about DFS.

Former Curiosity Regarding Daily Fantasy Sports in Georgia

A letter was written to the Georgia Lottery Corp. by Wright Banks Jr, deputy AG in Georgia stating that DFS betting in Georgia is illegal. The reason is that a player’s success doesn’t depend on his talent; it rather depends on the decision of the machine.

It seems these current regulations didn’t come out of the blue since proofs tell us the opposite. The lottery asked DraftKings and FanDuel about the conditions of operating in Georgia. The reason of this was concerns over DFS legality under the current state law. To answer this question, the lottery sent a letter to both of the operators.

Shocked Reactions

DraftKings couldn’t hide their surprise caused by this statement was made without precautions or warnings. They stated that they were highly disappointed by the attitude of the AG. Randy Mastro – representative of the company – stated that there was no basis of depriving citizens from the enjoyment of playing. He explained further, DFS was a legal business in Georgia and had operated for many years.

Furthermore, DraftKings promised any legislation against this regulation will be supported. The Daily Fantasy sports operator company said they would urge citizens to tell their elected representatives they would like to enjoy DFS in the future.

Whether DFS betting in Georgia will be illegal or not, still many American citizens can enjoy daily fantasy sports betting. If you want to know how to bet on DFS, you can check our eSports Betting Guide.

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