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Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix 2016 Betting Preview

Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix 2016 is about to kick off. One of the most exciting races in the F1 calendar will take place on Sunday.  Check the betting tips and odds to make the best of this unforgettable example.

Image source: Red Bull Racing

Not only Formula 1 fans but also the whole sports world is waiting for the Singapore Grand Prix 2016 as it is one of the most exciting car races in the world. Singapore Grand Prix 2016 bears differences from the other races in the calendar due to two special features. First of all, the race will take place at the Marina Bay Street Circuit which is as exciting and dangerous as the famous Circuit de Monaco. Formula 1 fans will see the fastest race cars rally in the streets of Singapore. The second significant feature of the Singapore Grand Prix 2016 is that it will take place at night just to spice things up a little bit.

One of the reasons why we love Formula 1 is that the drivers have the privilege to do things that we are not allowed to do in traffic. There is no speed limit, no obligation of turning on the headlights as Singapore streets will be as bright as a fun fair.

Singapore GP is known as the Monaco of the East. There are barriers all around the Singapore streets which constitute a huge challenge for the drivers. Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton once said that one lap around the Marina Bay Street Circuit is like two laps in Monaco. There is no wonder that it is physically and mentally challenging. Haas driver Romain Grosjean highlighted the danger of being extremely close to the walls “You pretty much have to hold your breath and hope for the best, especially when you’re pushing in qualifying, as you run so close to the walls.”

Singapore Grand Prix has been in the Formula 1 calendar for the last eight years. Ferrari and Red Bull won three times each at this circuit. Marina Bay Street Circuit witnessed the last win for Ferrari and Vettel last year. This circuit has the potential to mix things up easily. There has always been a safety car involvement during the previous races in Singapore. Therefore, it is hard to predict the outcome this time.

Singapore Grand Prix 2016 Betting Tips

If you are planning to bet on Singapore Grand Prix 2016 online, there are some basic facts that you should not ignore. First of all, Marina Bay Street Circuit resembles Circuit de Monaco in many ways. What does it mean? It doesn’t mean the fastest car will lead the race.

Remember the last Monaco Grand Prix. Red Bull’s Daniel Ricciardo lost the first place just because of a mistake caused by his team during a pitstop. Force India’s Sergio Perez managed to get the third place. Yes, the favorite of the race Hamilton ended up winning the race but mainly thanks to luck fairies revolving around his head. Long story short, fastest car do not have the absolute advantage here as there are not many fast straights anyways.

Another essential information is that you need to keep in mind that there is a high chance that the cars will need to queue behind the safety car. In other words, Nico Rosberg (probably) won’t be able to push the gas and leave everybody 15 seconds behind.

Before the Singapore Grand Prix 2016, there are only two-point difference between Mercedes’ Hamilton and Rosberg. You probably know the fierce rivalry between the two teammates who end up kicking each other out of race quite often. In such a circuit on which constant focus is of vital importance, it wouldn’t be such a huge surprise if Mercs end up colliding at some point, especially if the both drivers manage to get the first 2 positions at the end of the qualifying session.

The weather forecast predicts hot race day in Singapore as it will be over 25 and it is expected to be dry. Rain would turn the race into a Sisyphean task, to be honest.

Although the circuit doesn’t let the drivers speed up unlike in Monza, there are two DRS zones which will allow drivers to push the gas to the end. The first detection point is at the exit of Turn 4 while the second one is located just before Turn 22. Here is a map to make it more clear for you:

Singapore Grand Prix 2016

Let’s check the top 15 drivers before the Singapore Grand Prix 2016:

Singapore Grand Prix 2016


As for the Formula 1 2016 Constructors Championship, Mercedes is leading with 498 points. They can announce their title win right after Malaysia as their closest opponent Red Bull has only 290 points. The fight for the second place is fierce since Ferrari is only 11 points away from Red Bull. There is also fight between Williams and Force India for the fourth place. Williams is leading four points ahead of Force India with 111 points before the Singapore Grand Prix 2016.

Singapore Grand Prix 2016 Betting Odds

Looking at the recent driver performance and car capacity, we can assume that Ferrari and Red Bull will have more chance than the previous races in Singapore. Ferrari drivers Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen are among the most experienced active Formula 1 drivers. They will need their knowledge and the power of practice in this circuit.

Mercedes drivers are still the favorites; however, we expect a close race between Mercs, Ferraris, and Red Bulls. Our prediction is like this. Now, let’s check what the Singapore Grand Prix 2016 betting odds suggest!

We have analyzed the betting odds offered by the best internet betting sites to bet on Formula 1. According to the popular UK online betting site bet365, Lewis Hamilton is the favorite of the race with the odds 3.00. Nevertheless, he doesn’t seem to be the heavy favorite as Red Bull’s Daniel Ricciardo is right behind him with the odds 3.75. The other Mercedes driver Nico Rosberg’s odds to win the Singapore Grand Prix 2016 are 5.00. Red Bull’s young driver Max Verstappen’s odds to win the race are 5.50. Ferrari drivers Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen have the odds 8.50 and 21.00 respectively. Click to bet on F1 Singapore Grand Prix 2016 at bet365! (100% up to €100 welcome bonus)

Our next stop is another UK internet betting site BetVictor. Here we see Hamilton as the favorite with the odds 2.88. Ricciardo’s odds are 3.75 while Rosberg ends up in his tail with the odds 4.33. Apparently, BetVictor doesn’t regard Verstappen among the favorites as his odds are scaled at 5.50. Ferrari drivers Vettel and Raikkonen are slightly away from the podium with the odds 8.00 and 23.00 respectively. Click here to bet on F1 Singapore Grand Prix 2016 at BetVictor! (Bet £10 Get £30 in Free Bet)

William Hill claims that there Lewis Hamilton and Daniel Ricciardo will be in a close race at Marina Bay as their odds to win the Singapore Grand Prix 2016 are 3.25 and 3.50 respectively. Red Bull’s Verstappen follow them with the Formula 1 betting odds of 4.50 while Rosberg is the fourth likely candidate to win the race with the odds 5.50. Ferrari drivers Vettel and Raikkonen have the odds 9.00 and 26.00 respectively. Click here to bet on Singapore Grand Prix 2016 at William Hill! (Bet £10 Get £20 in Free Bets )

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