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Celebrity Dead Pool 2016 Odds – Who is the First Celebrity to Die?

There are many weird things people bet on. You can bet on the gender of the next royal baby, the next James Bond, the next president of the USA, alien life in Mars (we are not talking about Matt Damon) or the celebrity dead pool 2016.

As a matter of fact, first examples of dead pool betting date back to the medieval ages. It is known that Pope Gregory XIV issued an order to forbid Catholics from placing bets about the date of his demise. He was apparently afraid of a possible assassination attempt.

The concept of dead pool betting was analyzed in the products of popular culture as well. For instance, Mark Twain and Guy de Maupassant mentioned the game in some of their works. Clint Eastwood’s The Dead Pool movie and the recent blockbuster movie of Tim Miller, Deadpool emphasized the fun part of this game. If you have ever tried to find an answer to the questions of “where did the name Deadpool come from”, you can sit back and enjoy the comfort of knowledge right now.

There is one more question to be answered: Who is the first celebrity to die? It is time to go ahead and bet on celebrity dead pool 2016. We also offer best online betting sites in the US and the reviews of sportsbooks available in the US.

Celebrity Dead Pool 2016 Betting Odds

It is hard to know the exact name of the celebrity to die first. However, we can still go ahead and predict the unluckiest celebrity of the year, unless you believe in karma. Here are the celebrity dead pool 2016 betting odds:

According to popular online betting site, the most well-known playboy, the founder of Playboy Enterprises Hugh Heffner is expect to die first this year. 90-year-old veteran casanova doesn’t seem to leave his dream-like life on earth and move to the realm of the unknown. Life in Playboy Mansion must be too magical to leave, indeed. His odds to bid farewell to this world soon is 4.00 (+300).

The second most likely candidate to die this year is Betty White. 94 –year-old Emmy Award laureate actress’ odds to die first are 4.20 (+320).

The third strongest (or weakest you may call it) candidate of the celebrity dead pool 2016 is Clint Eastwood. Legendary American actor is 85 years old and still active in movie industry. His 2014 movie American Sniper was nominated for 6 Oscars including Best Picture. If he keeps his performance up, you may see his name in the list of nominees when you bet on Oscars 2017. Clint Eastwood’s odds to die soon are 6.00 (+500).

The fourth lucky! celebrity in the celebrity dead pool 2016 is English musician, the legendary guitarist of The Rolling Stones, Keith Richards. set his odds to die soon at 6.50 (+550). The other member of The Rolling Stones, Sir Mick Jagger is also in the list with the odds 6.75 (+575). But he still moves like Mick Jagger, doesn’t he? The bassist of the Beatles Sir James Paul McCartney doesn’t leave Richards and Jagger in the list and becomes a part of the game with the odds 16.00 (+1500).

Jagger is followed by the American country music singer Willie Nelson who odds are scaled at 8.50 (+750). Blues legend Bob Dylan enters the list with the odds 13.00 (+1200)

Such Hollywood legends as Jack Nicholson (9.00 or +800), John Voight (11.00 or +1000), Al Pacino (12.00 or 1100), Robert De Niro (15.00 or +1400), Steve Martin (19.00 or +1800) and Arnold Schwarzenegger (21.00 or +2000) are also in the celebrity dead pool 2016 list.

The names mentioned above are mainly successful actors and musicians. We don’t want them to pass away and leave us without the beauty of their works. However, online betting universe is limitless; you can bet on anything you want including the celebrity dead pool 2016.

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